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Designing for Ethical Cultures

Integrity is the proven provider of expertise, guidance, and tools that integrate ethics and compliance into everyday business practices. As a pioneer in the ethics and compliance field, we have helped hundreds of the world’s leading companies establish effective programs that improve employee behavior and reduce legal risk. Millions of company employees and business partners have used Integrity’s solutions on six continents in over 50 languages, making ethics and compliance an integral part of doing business and achieving success with integrity. Read More

Advisory Services

The most efficient and effective way to begin to build a comprehensive ethics and compliance program is to assess the current program and potential risk areas throughout a company and its extended enterprise.
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Education & Communication

Keeping ethics and compliance as top-of-mind requires a tailored and targeted program that resonates with each employee. Our Education and Communication and Engagement Tools create program awareness, engage the enterprise, and effectively educate the organization on key compliance risks, ethical decision making and corporate values, while keeping the curriculum fresh, relevant and specific to business uses.
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Helpline & Case Management

Two of the biggest challenges to making strategic decisions that could actually decrease compliance exposure, outside legal spending, and ultimately improve an ethics and compliance program, are adequately collecting and organizing relevant data and taking appropriate action on that data.
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Featured Whitepaper

Developing an Engaging Code of Conduct and an Effective Code Program

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SAI Global

SAI Global World Watch

Compliance News and Analysis
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SAI Global Viewpoint

Insight from Law and Ethics professionals
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SAI Global Expert Commentaries

Video commentaries from corporate leaders
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